All in a date’s work…

All in a date’s work…

by Anita Stubenrauch

The internet has generously provided many ways for us to get our geek on and here’s one more. Follow these five steps when online dating and you’ll be well on your way to hooking a hottie.

1) Take a good picture, please.
You want to believe people can see your amazing personality shining out of your belly like a Care Bear Stare. They can’t. The photo you post on your profile shows the world wide web what you’re working with, so let’s try a little, shall we?

  • Wear colors that complement those bright eyes.
  • If you want to go all Cecil B. DeMille for your close-up, you can vaseline the lens, but soft lighting works just as well and it’s much easier to clean.
  • There is a universally flattering angle. Hint — it doesn’t occur below your chin.

2) Be succinct.
Don’t tell your whole life story — if your profile drags on and on, one can only imagine a conversation with you flowing the same way. Yawn.

  • Leave something to the imagination.
  • Be a bit of a tease — in the nicest possible way.
  • Give someone an incentive to ask more.

3) You’re more attractive without your “list.”
Maybe you have a checklist you want to tick off before you accept a date with Mister or Miss Right, but, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Having prerequisites sure didn’t help Scarlett O’Hara and I’m pretty sure it’s not doing you any favors, either.

  • If you are going to venture forth with a list, make sure it’s a conversation-starter, not a conversation-killer. For instance, my list would go something like this, “My ideal man must have a deeper voice than I do and be able to beat me at an arm-wrestling contest.” Let the comments roll in.

4) Meet sooner rather than later.
There’s nothing like face time. Don’t get so attached to the witty online banter that you’re disappointed when someone can’t string two words together in person.

  • Skip dinner and a movie that first time out. It’s strictly second-online-date material when you know you have a connection. Instead, meet for something noncommittal like coffee/tea/hot chocolate/scotch and leave space for “Gotta run!”/”It’s been real [high-five]!”/”Let’s go for a walk.”/”But I thought you said you loved me?”

5) Safety first [though numerically last?]
A little advice from Mamma Bear.

  • There’s some strange wildlife out there. Have fun making friends and checking out the scenery, but tell your clan where you’re going and when you will be back at the den, or at least when they can expect to hear your familiar growl. No ifs, ands, or buts.

PS Not that you asked, but my favorite online dating site is OkCupid. A free dating site founded by Harvard grads which uses math to get you dates. What’s not to love?

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