Myth-Bust This

Myth-Bust This

Only six degrees and sixty miles separate Mythbusters from Indoor Boys.

Let’s test out the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to get the attention of the friendly folks over at Mythbusters.
You see, I’m keen to feature the men of Mythbusters in an upcoming profile.

It’s time to harness the power of your social network, rally your re-tweets, and let the games begin. Tell the men of Mythbusters you want to see them on Indoor Boys. [And perhaps enlist the help of the all-powerful lone woman of Mythbusters, Kari Byron, to make it happen. Kari, equal opportunity objectification!]

Tweet: Indoor Boys loves the men of #Mythbusters. Let’s make this happen.

For your twitter-fication…

@donttrythis, Adam Savage
@grantimahara, Grant Imahara
@torybelleci, Tory Belleci
@karibyron, Kari Byron

Jaime Heineman doesn’t tweet. Please send carrier pigeons.


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